Sludge conditioner for boiler


sludge conditioner for boiler

Sludge conditioner for boiler

Sludge conditioner for boiler is a product used to prevent sludge deposits. It's used for both low-pressure and medium-pressure steam boilers. It's mainly used to prevent sludge deposits when the boiler water is contaminated with oil. Sludge conditioner for boiler is helpful in neutralizing organic acids, pH, prevent corrosion, scale and sludge conditioners.

Sludge deposits in the boiler are caused due to feed waters, traces of suspended matter present in operational steam boilers and small quantities of hardness salts.

SriRamm Industries have formulated high-performance sludge conditioner, scientifically for the treatment of boiler feed water systems. It helps in maintaining boiler efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.

Sri Ramm Industries is leading boiler water treatment chemicals and plant manufacturers also deals in Sludge conditioner for boiler, Antiscalant, Fuel Treatment Chemicals, Cooling Tower Treatment Chemicals, R. O. Chemicals, De-Scaling Chemicals and Other chemicals

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