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Water Testing Kit
Resin for Water Filtration
Spare for Water Filtration System
Dosing pumps
Multipart valves
Cartridge filters
PH Meters
Water Testing Kit •  Various water testing kits like
   »  Hardness
   »  Chloride
   »  Dissolve Oxygen
   »  Phosphate
   »  Sulphite Bactaslyde etc
•  Compact size, portable & easy to use

Resin for Water Filtration •  Resin for softner, D.M plant, color removal, Iron removal etc.
•  Various brands available like
   »  Thermax
   »  ION exchange
   »  Toyota etc.

Spare for Water Filtration System •  Dosing pumps for chemical, chlorine dosing
•  Water testing meters like
   »  PH meter
   »  TDS meter
•  Multipart valves in various size for filters softeners & D.M. plants
•  FRP vessels of various size for water plants from 15 liter to 800 liter volume

Dosing Pumps •  Dosing Pump are available in all Ranges & Makes etc.

Multipart Valves •  MUltiport Valve are available in Various Sizes & Makes Like: 3/4", 1", 11/2"

Cartridge Filters •  Spun & Threaded Cartridge Filter Availabe in Different Sizes Like 2.5x20" 2.5x30", 2.5x40", 4x20", 4x30",4x40" etc

PH Meters • digital Ph Meter & Online Ph Meter are Available.


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